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We,Zhoushan Rongnuo Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of leading manufacturers & export companies in China, which is well organized and mostly specialized in machines to produce cross-linked polyethylene(XPE or XLPE) foam products and otherauxiliary machines with advanced technology level by cooperating with South Korea and full customization service.We are cooperating with our honored customers come from worldwide area with high quality foam products and plastic foam making machinery since our start. Our main product range as following- 1)XPE foam(master slice) fabricating extrusion line;2)XPE foam(particle) fabricating pelletizing extrusion line;3) Other plastic or rubber products fabricating extrusion line;4) Auxiliary plastic or rubber machines including laminating processing, cutting sheet,forming hose,etc.Depending on our first-class technical support & competitive price, we are serving & satisfying our customers to meet their target and demand.