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Extrusion line of XPE foam(master sheet)
Pelleting line of XPE foam(particle)
Rubber Foam Extruders
Deep-processing equipemnt of XPE Foam
Video of XPE Foam Extruder
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Deep-processing equipment(XPE)
Foam Extrusion(XPE) Video
Rubber Foam Extruders
Current position:   Rubber Foam Extruders
Rubber Foam Extruders
The main finished product includes: plastic products, EVA/CR/SBR/EPDM tape, EVA double-sided adhesive tape, factice, hot melt glue, 3M glue, 3M tape, TESA tape, SONY tape, NITTO tape, EPDM tape,PE tape, PVC tape, PET tape, KAPTON tape, glass-fiber tape, EVA foam tape, precise foam, single-sided tape,   special tape, masking tape, industrial glue, electrical insulation tape,etc.